The Lost Art of the Handwritten Thank You

We live in a digital world….it’s way too easy to text, email, message, FB, automate correspondence, chat, snapchat or even voice to text a message to someone.  And I live in this world most of my days and it’s awesome on many levels, but there is something that delivers gratitude more than most…it’s a handwritten thank you.  

We’ve lost it. When is the last time you got a hand written note?  Maybe it still exists prevalently in your world…but for most of us, it’s a rarity.  Everything is automated and it’s easy to hide behind a computer or just electronically send your thoughts. 

My father and I used to write each other a lot.  It was poetic and elegant, and a way that I saw a deeper side of him that many couldn’t in his later years.  And mostly it was just genuine.  So that’s what writing has always been to me…a thoughtful and elegantly genuine expression.  I work to keep it a usual habit to write notes often...especially when thankful.

Showing your gratitude in any form is still such a wonderful gesture, but there is something that just means a little more when you take the time to write these days.  Try it, and do it without expectation.