Reinventing Accounting with Love

So I am not quite sure that I have ever met anyone that loves their accountant.  I mean let’s be real. But in the event that you are in search of a financial love affair, I think I have found the peeps for you, because I love my accountant. 

This budding business romance started because I was in need of some guidance in launching my non-profit, Chemo Noir.  I have run a business, multi-million dollar budgets, helped throw a Super Bowl, but I had no clue how to get a non-profit party started with regards to the IRS.  So as I am vulnerably asking for his help and services, we discovered that we actually needed each other and the sparks started to fly.

Chris is amazing at what he does and has built a very unique process to grow income and value, but he was having a lot of anxiety around marketing.  He had ideas and aspirations and a desire to reinvent his firm, but was not sure how to get it there. So we filed my 1023 and enjoyed a few discovery meetings, and viola! In this cathartic rebrand, I emerged with my non-profit operational and IRS-ed, and we uncovered the identity Chris had been envisioning for years.  Winning. 

I look forward to creating more stories and watching PF flourish. And if you need a little fiscal romance, you should definitely check them out, trust me, you will love the guy.